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Holistic, Sustainable Pain & Stress Relief





Do you suffer with headaches, lower back pain, or neck pain? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to get relief?

Welcome to True Balance Pain Relief Clinic. We’re so glad you found us! We are Denver’s premier pain relief clinic, specializing in therapeutic massage and bodywork.

You can rest assured with us that you’re getting the best care in town, with advanced assessments, bodywork and customized protocols.

We’re committed to your long term results, and no treatment is the same. We’re committed to using science-based techniques, and no gimmicks. We’re dedicated to uncovering the source of your pain, so you can relax, knowing it won’t return.

We’re looking forward to helping you, so schedule with us today, and feel better tomorrow.

As we are delving deeper into getting our clients sustainable results, we are finding that we need to take a body-mind approach. We are now offering holistic stress-relief, and embodiment coaching to our services. We are so excited to help you get to the root of your issues, learn to regulate your nervous system, and reframe stress and pain. 


A massage with Erin is an exceptional experience from start to finish. Erin is perceptive and a very good listener -- she always listens carefully to any description of any discomfort or things going on in my body. Whenever she has worked on me, her pressure has been perfect. I always leave in a perfect state of relaxation. And she is both knowledgeable and generous in recommending stretches and exercises to keep me in that state. Both therapeutic and enjoyable!

    

– Jean Robertson

Erin was incredibly helpful in educating me about what was going on, giving me a clear homework assignment and also giving a really helpful massage to work problem areas and provide relief. I’m definitely going to keep coming back to work through my back and posture challenges. She’s also a pretty rad person so that doesn’t hurt!

    

– Rafael Lancelotta

Erin is amazing! I started seeing her about a year ago and she has helped me work through aches and pains I thought would never go away. She is truly customer focused and takes the time to understand what is needed. I highly recommend her practice.

    

-Genesa Poggioni

Erin has created a truly serene space for you to relinquish your pain and stress. Every session begins with a sit down to better assess your needs, and by the end of every session you leave with a better understanding of your body and how to maintain that good feeling . I highly recommend anybody who is in pain and discomfort to visit Erin and experience the relief for yourself.

    

– David Forrey

I’ve had chronic leg pain since 2012. It wasn’t until I met Erin that I got to the bottom of the issue and started addressing the root cause of my symptoms. We began working on my stance and making sure my core and glutes were activated standing and while walking. Erin has been great at giving me pain and discomfort relief through message therapy, trigger point release, and deep stretching. I highly recommend her. I always look forward to our sessions!

    

-Noemi Aguilar


Pain Relief

Poor, imbalanced posture could be the root of your chronic pain.

Long Lasting Relief

You’ll learn how to restore healthy movement with corrective exercise, and home care plans.

Custom Plans

Each and every treatment is totally customized to your needs, there are no cookie cutter massage sessions here!

More gains- less pain

The practitioners atTrue Balance Pain Relief Clinic treat the nervous system to relieve pain and teach you how to truly take care of yourself: because these are the keys to lasting results.

Here at True Balance Pain Relief Clinic, we focus on one thing, and one thing only- helping you OUT of pain.


Self Care Coaching

Self Care Coaching: for when you’re ready to really get your self care plan on track.

Erin now offers self care and embodiment support.

Our work here in the clinic is pretty dang powerful. And what you do in between sessions has a HUGE impact on how long it lasts.

Having support with your self care plan means the difference between symptomatic relief and lifelong change.

Pain Relief Is All We Do! 

We provide relief from:

  • Chronic Neck Pain
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Chronic Shoulder Pain
  • Automotive Injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Plantar Fasciitis
Sports Massage - Massage therapist working with patient, massaging his calves. Toned image.