Frozen Shoulder and Massage

by | Jul 2, 2021

Frozen shoulder is a debilitating condition. It affects every part of your day, and interferes with your quality of life.

Frozen shoulder severely limits your range of motion. Understandably, this creates a feeling of the shoulder being “locked” in place.


The medical term for frozen shoulder is Adhesive capsulitis.  It is usually a chronic condition, and is the result of years of misuse. Likewise, repetitive movements over the years cause frozen shoulder.


Healing frozen shoulder requires a thorough and comprehensive treatment plan.


Specifically, a thorough treatment plan will improve your range of motion. It also relieves pain. The therapists at True Balance Pain Relief Clinic are experienced with treating frozen shoulder. They also help you get long-lasting relief through home care exercises, and pain relief methods. Since 2010, Erin has helped clients get relief from chronic shoulder pain, and improve their posture.

In most cases, trigger pionts in the shoulder and upper back area cause frozen shoulder. Additionally, posture problems and repetitive movements contribute to this imbalance.


First, trigger points are muscle knots or sensitive areas that occur with injury or overuse of muscles. When these trigger points are not addressed for a long period of time, they worsen. In effect, this creates protective mechanisms in the muscle and nervous system. This inhibits the range of motion. This is a perfect example of the pain cycle  at work.


Breaking this cycle takes knowledge of shoulder movement. At True Balance Pain Relief, therapists work through trigger points and use gentle stretching. Additionally, cupping is applied to help this condition. Therapists use heat therapy to relieve pain and improve blood flow. We offer simple and customized home care exercises for your frozen shoulder so you  feel better in between sessions. The therapists at True Balance Pain Relief Clinic  help you get back into the things you love, and feeling great.


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