Neck Muscles & Pain

by | Aug 11, 2021

Neck pain is a very common problem, and if you’re suffering from it, know that you don’t have to. We specialize in eliminating neck pain at the source.

 The muscles in the neck support your head and keep it upright.


First, there are four major muscle groups in the neck, each with a different function. Each group helps to twist (rotate) or flex (bend)  your neck and head.


  Strain or injury to these muscles causes pain and discomfort.

Undoubdetdly, neck pain is one of the most common issues we come across in the clinic.  We treat it with sports massage, gua sha therapy, deep tissue massage, and cupping. Without a doubt, all these strategies reduce pain for the long term. Along with this, they eliminate the source of the pain.

For example, one of the most common causes of neck pain is poor posture when sitting at a desk for long periods of time.


Check out this video on the muscles of the neck, and see them in action! 


Remind yourself to stand up and do some simple stretches when you’re stuck at your desk for a long time.


This helps to reduce pain, reduce headache symptoms, and improve posture. Additionally, here at True Balance Pain Relief Clinic, we focus on improving posture with strengthening corrective exercise.

For example, injury, repetitive motion injuries from activities like tennis or golf, arthritis, whiplash from an auto accident can cause dysfunction.  Using orthopedic massage assessment strategies and advanced massage therapy, the therapists at our clinic are adept at addressing these injuries.

To prevent future problems with neck muscles and tension headaches caused by stress on your upper back and shoulders you should schedule a session with True Balance Pain Relief Clinic.


We can get you moving again, and get you back to living the life you love. Schedule your session below!