Rotator Cuff Pain and You

by | Jul 22, 2021

Do you have rotator cuff pain that just does not want to leave you alone?

Rotator cuff injuries are common, and bodwork can help to fix them!


The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder. These muscles rotate the shoulder. If you struggle with this type of pain or injury, you’re likely feeling a dull ache in the shoulder. This pain may be relatively difficult to pinpoint. With movement of the shoulder, your rotator cuff pain may become more intense.


Erin Stebbins, LMT, CES, COMT, is a rotator cuff expert and a master bodyworker. She is the owner of True Balance Pain Relief Clinic.


She has been helping clients find their way to pain free living since 2010.

Rotator cuff and shoulder injuries are related to repetitive overhead movements. For example, a couple of occupations which frequently find rotator cuff pain include painters, electricians, carpenters and even office workers.


If the injury is an acute instance, it may be more severe and may require more invasive treatment.

What we find here in the clinic is overuse of the shoulder and instability in the joint over a long period of time are the common culprits of this injury.

Additionally, our therapists perform assessments to ensure the issue is in fact related to the shoulder. This pinpoints the cause of the injury or pain, and move forward with the most effective treatment possible.


Secondly, poor posture is a very common cause of shoulder pain and dysfunction, and we address that here as well.


For example, a hunched over, rounded posture creates tension here. It also facilitates weakness through the rotator cuff. Along with repetitive movements over a long period of time, and it’s a perfect recipe for a rotator cuff injury.

Using corrective exercise, we will help you strengthen the area. We use advanced massage and bodywork techniques to help relieve the chronic tension.

Moreover, you receive home care specific for you so you continue to relieve your pain at the source after your session.

The type of bodywork we use in the clinic includes techniques which help to relieve the pain and inflammation. Along with that, it improves your range of motion, re-establishes the mind body connection, and improves blood flow through the joint

This all facilitates healing in a holistic way. Bodywork also breaks down scar tissue which interferes with range of motion.

If you or someone you know is struggling with rotator cuff impingement, or injury, contact Erin at True Balance Pain Relief Clinic to get started creating balance.


We are looking forward to meeting you, and helping you get back to a place of pain-free living.