The Pain Cycle and You

by | May 1, 2021

Have you ever had a great massage, then found even the same day, that you felt you were right back to where you started? Learn more about the pain cycle, and you.


 Learn more about how addressing the pain cycle takes a long term approach. 


Just as much pain, just as much flexibility, it’s almost as if the massage never even happened! Massage and bodywork can be premium priced, so it’s good to know you’re always getting your money, and time’s worth, every time. In this article, we explain how the pain cycle works, and why traditional bodywork and massage aren’t working for you to get relief, and interrupt the pain cycle.

Here we explain the best solution to help you live your life pain-free.


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Erin Stebbins, LMT, CES, COMT, is the owner of True Balance Pain Relief Clinic and specializes in pain relief massage, and orthopedic massage. She has been helping clients get permanent pain relief and interrupt their pain cycle, since 2011.

When our bodies are in pain, it takes quite a bit to jostle them out. And since we’re talking about muscular pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, headaches and injury recovery, it often means we are training our bodies into a particular pattern for a very long time, often years.

Our bodies have an incredible ability to adapt to the demands we put on them. The pain tolerance will creep up to match our pain. We often don’t feel it happening.


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Chronic pain builds under the surface of our awareness, and seemingly out of nowhere, it causes serious problems. This is because of the pain cycle.


Our nervous systems adapt and make it easier for those movements to occur, which exacerbates the issue.

Breaking the cycle means interrupting the cycle. Advanced bodywork and massage solve this issue. We schedule treatments in a way that interrupts the cycle of our nervous system and allows a new pattern to be reset. This means eliminating the problem at the very source of it, instead of chasing symptoms with a traditional massage.

Traditional massage can help you find some symptomatic relief from this type of chronic long-term pain. And there is value in that. However, most massage therapists are not trained in integrated modalities that support long-term relief and sustainable pain solutions.

Most practices do not offer customized treatment protocols that help their clients gain control of their home care. This education helps to reduce chronic pain, and reduce the effects of the pain cycle

Here at True Balance Pain Relief Clinic, what we do is different.


You receive feedback and custom recommendations for your home care programming. We create a protocol that adapts to your lifestyle and your progress. Then, Erin will schedule treatments in a strategic way so your muscle memory does not have a chance to fall back into old patterns. This eliminates the same patterns that got you into pain in the first place.

If you’re struggling with posture problems, chronic upper back, shoulder, neck pain, or tension headaches, and you’re ready to get on with your life without it, schedule a time to see Erin at True Balance Pain Relief Clinic.

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