Relieve Muscle Pain with Variety

by | May 6, 2021

Most Americans maintain a regular daily work schedule of at least 8 hours — and we experience muscle pain for it.

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Erin Stebbins, LMT, CES, COMT is a pain-relief expert, massage therapist, and the owner of True Balance Pain Relief Clinic in Denver, Colorado. She specializes in helping you reach a place of pain-free living, especially if you’re living with chronic pain, injuries, or muscle pain.

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Modern life has most of us participating in an array of activities that contribute to upper back and shoulder pain. Most of the time, the activities — primarily work — are unavoidable. We need to work, to sit for long periods, and there’s often no substitute when doing these activities. Our bodies often don’t like it, and you suffer from the aches and muscle pain that ensues.

The approach Erin takes involves counteracting stagnation with simple movements to help you eliminate muscle pain at the source.

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The best way to reduce back and shoulder pain is to add some variety in your body’s position as you’re working. Even if the new position isn’t necessarily posture-perfect, your body will appreciate the change. Try sitting on your couch and taking some calls. Or stand at your dining room bar or kitchen counter for a half-hour and do some computer work. Variety is the name of the game if you are stuck plugging away at a screen for long hours. This simple tip will help you relieve muscle pain.


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You can stand up and do some grounding or deep-breathing exercises for 10 minutes before returning to work. This can also help you avoid burnout and improve your focus on your tasks. Additionally, it helps relieve muscle pain.

Stand up every hour or so for 10 minutes and do some “rebounding,” which is amazing for your lymphatic and circulatory systems. Rebounding involves standing with your weight on the balls of your feet and gently bouncing. Breathe deeply while you do this exercise, and let your arms flop all over naturally. Or get up and do some big arm circles to relieve stagnation in your shoulder joints. This helps improve your circulation, as well as maintain healthy mobility in your upper body..  Or do 5 squats and 5 push ups. The simple things really do add up, and your body will thank you for it! Try them today to relieve your muscle pain.

Take these tools with you when you head back to work, whether that’s at your office or at home. They’ll help you relieve pain, maintain healthy circulation and improve the efficiency of your lymphatic system.


If you find yourself needing more comprehensive pain relief for shoulder, neck, or upper back pain, contact Erin at True Balance Pain Relief Clinic and schedule your session. We look forward to meeting you and helping you feel your best!