Welcome to True Balance Massage!

by | Jul 31, 2017

Thanks for visiting! I am happy to have you here! I write this as an introductory post, a chance for you to get to meet the therapist behind the hands, and learn what I’m all about, both in an out of the treatment room. Being devoted to movement healing, the physiology of the human body, and the very nature of healing, is what originally brought me into the massage field. It reached out to me with open arms. As my practice has grown and evolved, I have been learning endlessly about movement patterns, how people actually heal, and what really is the source of most peoples’ stress. It’s an evolutionary process, something that never stops, and still continues for me to this day. I am constantly driven by the success of my clients, seeing how they progress and grow through challenges and surpass pain they thought may be there forever with them. It’s an incredibly empowering experience for me, and I am fortunate enough to delve deep into it, every day of my work. My specialty is posture therapy. You probably have some questions about that, I would imagine. I believe alignment within the human body to be absolutely essential to health, growth, and healing. Physical alignment allows our bodies to move freely, to reach and even surpass its potential, and allows YOU to live completely pain free every day. Unfortunately these are not things that we are educated about early on, or hardly ever, for that matter. Our ideas of health aligned posture typically come from visuals of 1950’s prim and proper women with books stacked on their heads, or we have traumatic memories of our grandmothers slapping us out of our slouching. Not the best incentives to create balance and alignment, I don’t think! What I bring to the table is a new way of thinking about the body and YOUR particular brand of movement. Each and every time you come in, we take into consideration every activity you love and participate in regularly. We assess how these activities are playing a role in your chronic pain, and then we develop an easy plan to mitigate these factors, and sustainably reduce your pain. We find ways for you to do what you love, so that you don’t have to sacrifice your body’s balance. I used to strive for postural perfection with all my clients, and now, I realize that is a serious disservice, and an impossibility. Now i strive for Functionality within posture, for all my clients. The results have been astounding, long lasting, and gratifying for everyone involved! When your body has all the available energy it needs to move properly, and when it has the ability to provide strength, stability, mobility and ease for you in everything you do, your quality of life is immensely improved. You don’t find yourself held back by that old nagging ache anymore, you find yourself free of those migraines that have been pressing at the edges of your consciousness since you can remember. You’re free to be you, you’re free to enjoy your life, and you’re free to enjoy life as it’s meant to be, pain free and fun. Come see how great you’re MEANT to feel and move, I can’t wait to meet you! ​Erin Stebbins, LMT, True Balance Massage