Erin Stebbins, Licensed Massage TherapistErin Stebbins Owner & Self-Care Coach

Erin graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in 2011, and has been helping clients ever since. She encompasses a body-mind approach, using the power of your nervous system, and skilled self-care support to help you get to the true source of your pain.

Erin is a certified Bodymind Coach, as well!

Erin is excited to help you finally get your self care on track, so you can feel amazing in between bodywork sessions, as well as in them! She offers unique and powerful bodymind sessions that get to the TRUE root of your pain, and how to finally prioritize putting your self care first.

Erin is certified, insured, licensed and registered to practice in the State of Colorado.

James Scott Jr.
Muscle Magician

James’ work is the perfect blend of stress-reducing massage, and advanced pain relief therapy.

He graduated from The Berkana Institute of Massage, and has been helping clients ever since!

James has a love for the outdoors, and is compassionate to those who are in pain and are held back from hiking and skiing because of it.

Throughout his own healing journey, he has honed his intuition, and clients are always commenting on how quickly and effectively he relieves grumpy, painful muscles.

James is ready to help you feel your best!

Welcome Hillary To The Team!

WELCOME Hillary to the team! Hillary has been helping clients feel their best in body and mind, since 2018, and she’s excited to help you too! She is a circus performer and instructor and has a holistic approach to movement, pain and stress.

She loves working with clients who are curious to learn more about their bodies and want to take an active role in their health and wellbeing.  She strives to create a calming space where her clients can easily slip into a state of relax and let go of the stressors of everyday life.

When we feel safe and calm we can come back into our bodies and release old patterns, and believes we all have the capacity to heal and grow when we are given the right conditions.