True Balance Pain Relief: Our Network

We proudly present

Kelly Wallace

Owner, Peak Fitness Denver

When you meet Kelly, you’ll see right away how genuine she is. She takes your goals and priorities to heart, and she knows how to bring an element of fun into your workout, so you enjoy getting in shape.

Highly skilled trainer. Multiple certifications.

  • CHEK Exercise Coach

  • TRX Suspension Trainer certified

  • SilverSneakers MSROM certified

  • CPR/PR AED certified

  • RTE First Aid certified

 Movement, Recovery and Your Health


Fitness and bodywork are a combination made for each other. As humans, our bodies are made to move. We are meant to be challenged by movements, and to be strong all over. This generally helps with posture, reducing pain, and living a longer, stronger life.  Massage and bodywork, particularly sports massage therapy, will improve your form in the gym, which means you can exercise more regularly, with more confidence that you won’t injure yourself.

Additionally, when you are dedicated to a consistent fitness routine, and you compliment it with skilled sports massage, you can rest assured that you’ll maintain your flexibility and strength at the same time.

When you are using exercise as a part of a regular health routine, bodywork should be considered as a pinnacle recovery method. At True Balance Pain Relief Clinic, we are always using science-based techniques and strategies to improve the lives, and the movement of our clients. We are proud to partner with Kelly Wallace and the talented practitioners at Peak Fitness to help you move with ease, recover from pain, and live a longer stronger life.

We want you to experience the best movement possible in your body. We want you to move better, live longer, and feel amazing, all the time.
We are so excited to partner together to create a special offer just for clients of Peak Fitness.

When you schedule a session of massage or bodywork with True Balance Pain Relief Clinic, you will receive $20 off your initial session.

That’s for either a 60 minute session, or 90 minute session. That includes your movement assessment, posture assessment, thermal therapies, cupping therapy, gua sha/graston therapy, triger point therapy…whatever you need during the session to get the relief you came in for, we’ll include.
Use the links at the bottom of this page to schedule your sessions, and be sure to let your practitioner know that you’re a VIP client from Peak Fitness! We are SO excited to help you feel your absolute best. See you soon!

Check out this interview with Kelly Wallace of Peak Fitness!