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We proudly present

Matthew Pennetti, DC

Owner, Prime Chiropractic

Matthew has personal experience with debilitating headaches and migraines, which started him on his journey of learning a new way to manage and relieve pain– one that doesn’t involve painful treatments or invasive temporary solutions.

Matthew practices a unique and effective form of chiropractic, likely different from what you think of as chiropractic care. His method is called Neuro-Structural Chiropractic, which addresses your nervous system and your body as a whole. This helps treatments last longer, treat more ailments, and get you better pain relief.

Now, he wakes up everyday committed to helping others find the true answers to their most challenging health problems.

The Nervous System and Your Health


Addressing the nervous system means you’re addressing your entire body. When your body recognizes that you are experiencing pain, it creates a feedback loop that creates stress signals.

This feedback loop can seem insurmoutable, and discouraging to treat. New research is finding there is a direct correlation between stress and pain, one which is one and the same with the nervous system as a whole.


The stress response you experience may be something you have adapted to, and you may not even recognize if it’s been going on for a long time.


The longer this stress response and pain cycle continue, the stronger it typically gets, and it can easily become your new baseline for everyday living.

When you use treatments that work with the nervous system, they’re more gentle, and typically last longer. You’re really working with the system that is control of it all!

Specialized bodywork and chiropractic care together ensures that you are getting to the source of your pain, instead of just treating symptoms, which means you’re getting rid of pain for good.


Living without headaches and migraines can be an absolute game-changer. You move with more freedom, sleep better, and improve every part of your day.


You can think more clearly, and enjoy time with the people you love, instead of dreading going out, or canceling plans altogether.

We are so excited to partner with Prime Chiropractic! We are inviting you to a special offer, exclusively for patients of Prime Chiropractic, as a first time client!

We want you to enjoy life to the fullest. We want you to move better, live longer, and feel amazing, all the time.
We are so excited to partner together to create a special offer just for patients of Prime Chiropractic.
When you schedule a session of massage or bodywork with True Balance Pain Relief Clinic, you will receive $20 off your initial session.
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Use the links at the bottom of this page to schedule your sessions, and be sure to let your practitioner know that you’re a VIP patient from Prime Chiropractic! We are SO excited to help you feel your absolute best.
See you soon!

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