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Massage • Posture Therapy • Corrective Exercise

Massage Rates & Services

Your massage is based on your needs. Each treatment is different, and customized to your goals. 

Pain Relief sessions

60 Mins – $120| 90 Mins – $140

  • posture analysis
  • gait analysis
  • cupping therapy
  • gua sha therapy
  • deep tissue massage
  • myofascial massage
  • trigger point therapy
  • thermal therapies
  • liniments (& optional CBD use)
  • exercises and stretches to STAY feeling better for LONGER. 
MOB LAB/Mobility lab

60 Mins – $120 | 90 Mins – $140

This massage is performed completely clothed. Full body stretching, gentle compression, and breathwork combine to heal your tight muscles, relieve tension, and help you relax fully into your body. 

Corrective Exercise

60 Mins – $120

Corrective Exercise helps to bridge the  balance between strength and mobility. The exercises are done in the treatment room, and are simple and effective. Designed to create stability in all the right places, it helps to maintain the integrity of the bodywork you receive.