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True Balance Massage stands at the forefront of sports injury rehabilitation therapy, offering a lifeline to athletes and active individuals seeking relief from pain and a return to full functionality. Our approach is proactive, focusing on early intervention to prevent injuries from escalating. Our treatment plans are enriched with a blend of massage therapy, strength-building exercises, and flexibility training, ensuring a comprehensive recovery of the injured area. Our Denver sports massage therapist tailors each session to the unique needs of the client, steering clear of one-size-fits-all solutions. Our expertise extends to a wide range of conditions, including but not limited to:

Sports-Related Injuries

Sprains, Strained Muscle


Tendon Repairs


Other Physical Setbacks


Injury Prevention Massage How Regular Sports Massage Can Keep You on Top of Your GameTrue Balance recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and their injuries, offering a wide array of services tailored to every stage of sports injury recovery. From the initial assessment to the final steps of rehabilitation, our team is committed to providing the necessary support and expertise for a complete recovery. We employ a holistic approach, combining hands-on therapy, education on body mechanics, and advanced rehab technology, while also addressing the emotional challenges that accompany injuries.Our experts are adept at identifying the root causes of pain and developing effective strategies to enhance mobility, alleviate discomfort, and improve overall performance. We engage you in your recovery process, equipping you with preventive measures and personalized exercises to safeguard against future injuries. 

Centered on excellence and empathetic care, our approach fosters a nurturing environment where healing and achieving your goals thrive. Recovery starts with a consultation with our sports massage therapist, who recommends a customized recovery plan. Initially aimed at reducing pain and promoting healing, the treatment evolves into reconditioning to restore strength. True Balance Massage is dedicated to providing professional care for athletes of all ages, helping you return to your peak condition and the activities you love.

Orthopedic Assessment

When someone gets hurt, our sports massage therapist uses a special check-up to make sure they help with the right problem. This check-up is a big part of our work because it helps us figure out why someone got hurt in the first place. Knowing this helps us choose the best way to make each person feel better. 

We use different ways to check how well someone can move, like seeing how far they can stretch or how strong they are when we push against them. We also have special tests for different kinds of hurts, and we pick which ones to use based on what each person needs. It makes sure we make a plan just for them, looking closely at what’s wrong and how bad it is. With this plan, we use the best moves to help heal the hurt and stop it from happening again.

Restorative Exercise Plan

A written restorative exercise plan includes goals and movement assessment findings. By creating this document, the client and our sports massage therapist can work together to determine the best treatment options for their particular findings and goals for the procedures. Some common goals are to restore full range of motion and function, regain gait, muscle strength, endurance, and overall skills. 

This personalized exercise plan is a crucial component of the rehabilitation process, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.Through our emphasis on targeted goals, we guarantee comprehensive recovery by addressing every facet, from enhancing flexibility and strength to improving functional abilities. Our therapists work closely with clients to devise tailored plans, integrating feedback and progress assessments to adapt the program as necessary.

After-Care Coaching

While our goal is to help our clients to recover from sports injuries, we also take great pride in building a healthy relationship with them. This means that we follow up to ensure that their goals are being met, there have been no changes in how they feel, and no subsequent injuries have occurred. This after-care coaching is a valuable tool in ensuring that not only our injury recovery process works effectively, but that it benefits every client for their overall well-being.

We offer continuous assistance and advice, aiding individuals in sustaining their well-being and averting subsequent harm. This forward-thinking stance on post-treatment care guarantees that our clients keep reaping the rewards of their rehabilitation journey.

Movement Assessment

In our orthopedic assessment, we conduct a detailed movement analysis to diagnose and treat injuries accurately. Using a “stress and assess” method, we apply pressure to the affected area to identify pain or dysfunction, indicating potential issues. Key tests like the cough test, straight leg raise, and slump test help us detect conditions such as herniated discs or bone spurs, while active and passive tests assess for sprains and strains.

This approach allows us to pinpoint the exact nature and location of an injury, ensuring targeted and effective rehabilitation. By focusing on specific pain points and functional limitations, we craft personalized treatment plans aimed at addressing the root causes of discomfort, leading to faster and more comprehensive recovery for our clients.


Navigating the path to recovery from any injury can be daunting, but at True Balance Massage, we’re dedicated to guiding our clients toward the most effective therapeutic solutions. Enhanced blood circulation through massage not only accelerates muscle recovery but also restores flexibility, vital for overall well-being. Our specialized sports injury massages, delivered by our skilled Denver massage therapist, leverage techniques like deep tissue and Swedish massage to eliminate lactic acid and toxins, speeding up the healing process.

Our pain management approach takes a holistic perspective, going beyond traditional massage methods by incorporating a variety of techniques designed to address the underlying causes of pain. Recognizing the pivotal role of pain relief in rehabilitation, our therapists are adept at customizing treatments to meet the unique requirements of each client, ensuring a more efficient and personalized recovery journey.

Testimonials from our Clients

A massage with Erin is an exceptional experience from start to finish. Erin is perceptive and a very good listener -- she always listens carefully to any description of any discomfort or things going on in my body. Whenever she has worked on me, her pressure has been perfect. I always leave in a perfect state of relaxation. And she is both knowledgeable and generous in recommending stretches and exercises to keep me in that state. Both therapeutic and enjoyable!

    

– Jean Robertson

Erin was incredibly helpful in educating me about what was going on, giving me a clear homework assignment and also giving a really helpful massage to work problem areas and provide relief. I’m definitely going to keep coming back to work through my back and posture challenges. She’s also a pretty rad person so that doesn’t hurt!

    

– Rafael Lancelotta

Erin is amazing! I started seeing her about a year ago and she has helped me work through aches and pains I thought would never go away. She is truly customer focused and takes the time to understand what is needed. I highly recommend her practice.

    

-Genesa Poggioni

Erin has created a truly serene space for you to relinquish your pain and stress. Every session begins with a sit down to better assess your needs, and by the end of every session you leave with a better understanding of your body and how to maintain that good feeling . I highly recommend anybody who is in pain and discomfort to visit Erin and experience the relief for yourself.

    

– David Forrey

I’ve had chronic leg pain since 2012. It wasn’t until I met Erin that I got to the bottom of the issue and started addressing the root cause of my symptoms. We began working on my stance and making sure my core and glutes were activated standing and while walking. Erin has been great at giving me pain and discomfort relief through message therapy, trigger point release, and deep stretching. I highly recommend her. I always look forward to our sessions!

    

-Noemi Aguilar




Your recovery program will be made just for you, based on your specific injury and needs. Our goal is to get you back to your activities safely and effectively. We consider your sports, goals, and lifestyle when creating your recovery plan.


Experts in sports injuries, our team possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience. Utilizing their expertise, they assist you in your recovery journey, ensuring you can resume activities you cherish. Trust in our commitment to your well-being.


We look at your whole health, not just your injury. We think about your body, mind, and eating habits. This helps us support your whole recovery journey. It’s important to us that you feel your best.


Emphasizing proper nutrition and improvement plays a pivotal role in our mission to support athletes and individuals engaged in active lifestyles across all aspects of their well-being and contentment. By prioritizing these elements, we contribute to cultivating a stronger and healthier sports community.


We offer cutting-edge sports medicine care, continuously learning and staying updated with the latest techniques. Our therapists ensure you receive the best treatment to recover effectively, optimizing your healing process.


Our full support system makes sure our clients have everything they need to recover successfully. We’re all about helping them feel better, giving them support, knowledge, and the power to get through their rehab journey.


Our full care for athletes includes lots of special services to help them do better, avoid getting hurt, and recover strongly. With the expertise of physical therapists who understand common sports injuries, we tailor our approach to each sports activity, ensuring athletes receive the most effective advice and treatment. This includes strategies to prevent additional injuries and techniques to enhance recovery. We know each sport is different, so we give advice that fits each one to help athletes stay safe and play their best. Our services don’t just help athletes get better; they’re also about making them stronger, faster, and more agile so they can go beyond what they thought was possible in their sports.

Eating right is a big part of our program because what you eat is super important for getting better and doing your best. We give advice on what foods are best for each athlete’s body and sport. We also help athletes with the tough mental parts of getting over an injury. We want to make sure athletes stay strong in their minds and keep their eyes on getting better, providing comprehensive support that addresses physical recovery, injury prevention, and mental resilience.


If you’ve got a sports injury, don’t delay in seeking assistance. Reach out to True Balance Pain Relief Clinic & Sports Massage now to discover how we can aid in your recovery and assist you in returning to the activities you’re passionate about. Our team is prepared to address your concerns and navigate you through your recovery path. With our specialized knowledge, tailored care, and wide range of services, we’re here to back you at every stage. We are dedicated to supporting you in meeting your recovery targets and getting back to what you love, filled with confidence and strength.


What services are offered for sports injury recovery in Denver and Aurora?

Services for sports injury recovery in Denver and Aurora include physical therapy, sports massage, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and rehabilitation programs designed to address specific injuries and promote efficient recovery.

What types of sports injuries can be treated?

True Balance Pain Relief Clinic & Sports Massage can treat a variety of sports injuries, including but not limited to, sprains, strains, tendonitis, bursitis, and injuries to the back, shoulders, knees, and ankles.

How long does it typically take to recover from a sports injury with proper treatment?

Recovery time varies depending on the severity of the injury, the treatment approach, and the individual’s health and fitness level. Your healthcare provider at True Balance Pain Relief Clinic & Sports Massage can give you a more accurate timeline after assessing your specific situation.

Do I need a referral from a doctor to seek treatment for a sports injury?

While a referral may not be necessary to receive treatment, it’s always a good idea to consult with your primary healthcare provider, especially if your injury is severe. Some insurance plans may require a referral for coverage purposes.

How can sports massage aid in the recovery of sports injuries?

Sports massage can help by reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow to the injured area, breaking down scar tissue, and easing muscle tension. This can accelerate the healing process and improve flexibility and strength.

What is the first step in the sports injury recovery process?

The first step is usually an assessment or consultation to diagnose the injury and develop a personalized treatment plan. This may include a physical examination, discussion of your medical history, and possibly imaging tests.

Can True Balance provide preventative care to avoid future sports injuries?

Yes, in addition to treating existing injuries, True Balance Pain Relief Clinic & Sports Massage offers preventative care services, including advice on proper sports techniques, exercises to improve strength and flexibility, and sports massage to maintain optimal muscle condition.

How can I schedule an appointment for sports injury recovery services?

You can schedule an appointment by contacting True Balance Pain Relief Clinic & Sports Massage directly via their website, phone, or email. They may also offer online booking options for your convenience.