Hi!  I’m Erin.

I help stressed out humans finally make time for themselves, get crystal clear on their goals, and discover their own personalized self care routine, that actually sticks. 


Do you feel overwhelmed by decision making?


Do you feel like you should be setting clear big goals but you don’t know where to start?


Do you experience stress & anxiety that affects your work, your relationships, or your health? 

Do you struggle making time for yourself? 


Are you a people pleaser who struggles to say no? 

Do you find yourself taking work home with you?

Do you try to manage a low hum of stress in day-to-day life?

Do you notice you feel overwhelmed often?

Do you roll your eyes at all the cliche self care advice out there?

Self Care Coaching can help you establish routines that actually work for you, work with your body, and are completely your own.


Find strategies you can do daily that reconnect you with what matters most.

Develop meaningful routines you can maintain.

Feel relaxed and confident in your body, no matter what life throws your way.

Stop stress before it turns to physical pain.

Send me a text and we can start Self Care Coaching, and you can get back to living your life deeply & fully.

Bodymind coaching with Erin can help you get clear on what is really, deeply important to you. Then you can start taking action.  

Are you ready to learn what really drives you & your choices? How great will it feel once you know exactly which step to take next to make your biggest dreams come to life? How relieved will you be once your stress is gone, and your life feels genuinely balanced? 


What changes when you have an Embodiment coach?

Nothing is achieved without action, but it can be hard to know where to start.  When you have a coach in your corner who is willing to call it like they see it and help support you in achieving your biggest dreams, there’s no limit to what you can create for yourself. 

When you have accountability, support, and a compassionate outside view to help you see what’s possible, everything you want to create becomes crystal clear. 


What happens when you’re clear about your self care?

Decision making becomes simple, FOMO banished. Priorities obvious. 

All this helps reduce your stress. Which helps reduce your pain. 

 It means you can show up in the world more full, more available, and more yourself. You can be more present with your family and loved ones. It becomes easy to not take things personally. 


You eliminate people pleasing behaviors that cost you so much sanity and peace. You choose friends who feel good to be around on a fundamental level. You can say Yes with certainty, and feel grounded when you say No.  


You can trust your body’s messages, and really listen to your intuition. 


Discovering and Aligning with your values feels like coming back home to yourself. 


It feels like becoming whole again. It feels like a deep, complete breath of fresh air. 

Everyone deserves to discover and Align with their values. You deserve to live with purpose, clarity and ease.  It can be entirely too easy to put off to the back burner until it nearly feels like it’s too late. 


After all, this journey can mean taking a good hard look at what you’ve created in your life so far. And seeing things that aren’t in Alignment. But you, dear reader,  you are strong, and persistent, committed to loving your absolute most radiant life. 


You understand what it has cost you to compromise your values, to wander through life aimlessly and to sway with others expectations of you. And you are on the edge of something

magnificent. You have the power to choose right now to change your life, find peace and simplicity, and finally, live Aligned. 


I believe that every person is complete,  creative, resourceful. I believe that every human has all the answers they need to solve every problem they experience. 


What is possible when you tap into this endless source of innate answers? 


When you’re guided and taught how to access this space, anytime you need, you will find yourself connected to your body and your own unique answers.  

You’re ready. I know you are.

Here’s how it works:


Living Aligned Values Program:
6 weeks of custom coaching, journal prompts, made-for-you meditations, Voxer/email/text support, and a personalized action plan so you can bring your wisdom into your everyday life.


Individual Self-Care Coaching Sessions:
Duration: Up to 90 minutes including meditations, journal prompts, exercises and a custom action plan
$200 per session