Sports Massage in Denver and Aurora

Massage is an important aspect of recovering from injuries. With the use of therapeutic massage, individuals can recover from a variety of injuries faster. Sports massage therapy helps to work soft-tissue muscles with the goal of reducing pain and other symptoms related to their injury. With sports massage, a multi-faceted approach with specific massage techniques is used to accommodate each patient and their specific needs. With the proper treatment, sports injuries can be resolved by our Denver, CO. sports massage therapists.

About Rehab Therapy

Rehab therapy focuses on helping individuals to regain physical strength after an injury. This therapy approach focuses on movement. In order to help her patients recover from injuries faster, our Aurora sports massage therapist performs a musculoskeletal examination for every patient. This considers each patient’s pathology, which helps her to customize a treatment plan for their injury (injuries) specifically.

Treatment options may combine a variety of exercises and massage techniques that focus on building strength and range of motion, which can lead to pain reduction. Massage therapy will aid in the recovery process by helping to improve blood flow and decrease swelling.

Massage therapists help sports massage patients recover from specific sports injuries, such as:

Soft tissue muscle strains

Tight muscles associated with sports injuries

Sports hernias resulting from a sports injury


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    The Benefits of Massage Therapy Treatment for Sports

    The benefits of deep tissue massage therapy are vast. A Denver sports massage therapist will take the time to examine each patient before beginning deep tissue sports massage therapy. Treating sports injuries with sports massage helps the muscles recover faster than they would without professional sports massage. Sports treatment includes specific sports massage techniques, which help athletes to keep their bodies healthy and strong during training sessions and games.

    Lingering injuries can cause tense muscles, which can lead to further pain. Releasing muscle tension is a primary goal of sports massage. This helps athletes to relax and recover their muscles, which can prevent sports injuries from occurring in the future. Whether you play sports or not, our sports massage therapists can help you achieve your goals for wellness and injury rehabilitation.

      Orthopedic Massage

      With orthopedic massage, it focuses on muscle pain and dysfunction as well as relieving soft tissue inflammation and pain associated with a variety of sports injuries. As stated before, it uses a musculoskeletal assessment combined with massage and stretches training for optimal results. Our sports massage therapist in Aurora can help to restore a patient’s balance and to reduce their pain. Those who benefit the most from sports massage in Denver include those with sports injuries, tendinitis, lower back pain, bulging discs, sciatica, joint paint, and much more.

      Range of Motion Help

      range of motion treatment

      It’s not uncommon for active people and/or athletes to have a limited range of motion or muscle tightness. Our massage therapist hopes to offer a range of motion help to these individuals. Many studies have shown that a reduced range of motion throughout the body increases the risk of various sports ailments. Reduced joint range of motion, especially in lower extremities, can decrease the quality of movement and essentially make exercise more difficult. Range of motion help with sports massage in Denver can be achieved through stretching techniques.

      Massage has been proven to improve the range of motion through connective tissue recovery. This helps to reduced exercise-induced muscle soreness and cuts the time it takes to recover from these workouts in half. It also helps to increase the efficiency of the muscles. Unfortunately, because of overuse, injury, or stiffness, the firing patterns for muscles may become disorganized.

      MASSAGE THERAPY for Injury Prevention

      For those suffering from sports injuries, who are frequently injured or are training hard as an athlete, maintenance massages are a great option. This massage helps patients to maintain healthy muscles and to improve a patient’s overall athletic performance. Many athletes opt to incorporate massage into their regular training schedule as they have found that they recover faster from intense workouts. Sports massage in Aurora can also relieve conditions that if left untreated and trained with, can lead to more serious workouts. At True Balance Massage, our Denver sports massage therapist aims to restore stiffness, limited range of motion, sore muscles, inflammation, and pain for her athlete client base.

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      Some of the most popular orthopedic assessment tests include and are not limited to space-occupying lesion tests (cough test, straight leg raise, slump test), tests for injured tissues (such as active and passive SLR and other specific tests). SLR, cough, and slump tests are all used to assess the lumbar spine and buttocks. This looks for bulging or herniated discs and bone spurs. The active and passive SLR tests are looking for sprains and strains throughout the body.

      Kinetic Chain Consulting

      Leg muscles. Smart skillful coach holding patients leg while doing a special rehabilitation exercise

      Kinetic chain refers to segments of the body that include interlocking joints that create a system of movement. If one joint is stiff or has a limited range of motion, it can affect the fluidity of the rest of the body. This chain includes the joints and the muscles that work together in order to perform movements. At True Balance Wellness, we can evaluate if patients have an open chain or a closed one. A closed chain means that their fixed position affects the movements of the joints and muscles so that it can lead to increased risk of injury or just overall stiffness and limited range of motion. We can focus on rehab therapy that isolates and strengthens areas of the body that are limited the overall kinetic chain from working more effectively.

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