5 Sports Massage Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

by | Aug 13, 2022


August, 2022

With the aid of a sports massage, you may decrease pain, increase flexibility, and improve performance. However, there are many misconceptions regarding sports massage that may discourage people from trying it. So that you can decide if sports massage is good for you, we’ll bust some of the most frequent myths about it here.

1. Only Athletes Need Sports Massage

A common misperception is that sports massage is exclusively beneficial to elite athletes. This is completely false. Sports massage is useful for everyone who regularly engages in physical exercise. Sports massage can aid in both recovery and injury prevention for athletes of all skill levels, from weekend warriors to professionals.

Sports massage has many benefits, and it’s not only for athletes or people who exercise regularly. If you work at a desk job and suffer from back pain as a consequence of sitting for lengthy periods of time, regular sports massages may help. Or, if you’ve just finished a strenuous hike, a sports massage can speed up the recovery process. When it comes down to it, sports massage is useful for everybody who engages in physical exercise.

2. Sports Massage is Painful

The belief that sports massage is painful is another myth that persists. Sports massages shouldn’t hurt, but deep tissue massages sometimes do. Based on your preferences, your therapist should modify the intensity and kind of therapy. It’s important to communicate any discomfort you have during a sports massage with your therapist so they can modify the pressure.

Still, it’s to be expected to feel a little sore during and after a sports massage. This is because the therapist is working deep into your muscles to remove tension. Additionally, when your muscles adjust to the greater degree of activity, you may feel some pain or stiffness in the days following your massage. On the bright side, this should disappear in a day or two at the most. Maintain contact with your therapist if the discomfort persists.

3. Only Injuries Require a Sports Massage

Sports massage has been shown to be effective for both treating and avoiding injuries. Sports massages, when performed regularly, have been shown to promote blood flow to muscles, enhance flexibility, and reduce the likelihood of injury. As a result, sports massage may be an effective therapy for existing injuries as well as those that you seek to prevent. The trick is to locate a masseuse who has expertise working with athletes and can cater to your individual requirements.

As it helps reduce swelling and increase blood flow to the affected area, sports massage can hasten the healing process after an injury. Sports massage may be a useful addition to your rehabilitation strategy, but always see your doctor first.

4. If You’re Not in Pain, There’s No Use in Getting a Sports Massage

Since many people only get massages when they are in pain, this misconception is likely to persist. But you can benefit from a sports massage even if you’re not experiencing discomfort. Injuries are avoidable in large part because regular massage therapy maintains healthy, flexible muscles and joints. The key is to choose a masseuse who can adapt methods to your needs.

Even if you’re not suffering an ailment, sports massage has a number of health benefits. A frequent sports massage, as we’ve discussed, can help enhance blood flow to your muscles and improve flexibility. As a result, injuries are less likely to occur. Do not wait until you are in beyond tolerable pain to have a massage.

5. It Only Takes One Meeting

You can’t expect a single gym session to do the work of multiple visits, and a single sports massage treatment won’t do the same for you either. Massage treatment appointments on a regular basis are the most helpful. Your therapist may advise you to come in once a week or once a month. It’s possible you’ll need to attend more often if you’re suffering an injury, then reduce your visits as you feel better.


When it comes down to it, sports massage is useful for everybody who engages in physical exercise. Sports massage may assist you whether you’re currently injured, having difficulties maintaining physical health, or just want to enhance overall well being. Find a masseuse who is familiar with working with athletes so that they can cater to your unique demands.

Don’t put off booking a sports massage until you’re feeling severe muscular stiffness or soreness. Even if you don’t think you need one right now, you might want to purchase one. Avert mishaps before they happen by taking precautions now.